Our Work

The International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) is the number one resource for all things OCD and related disorders. Thanks to our generous donors, the IOCDF is able to provide support, education, and resources. We serve all those affected by OCD and related disorders as well as the professionals who treat them.


Education & Advocacy

  • Annual OCD Conference: The Annual OCD Conference brings together mental health professionals and OCD researchers alongside individuals with OCD and their families. The Conference provides access to the latest information about OCD and related disorders in a supportive and engaging environment.
  • Online OCD Camp: Created especially for youth between the ages of 6 and 17 and their families, the Online OCD Camp features two days of interactive sessions and activities for three age groups. In addition, the program includes sessions for parents/guardians and opportunities for fun and socialization with other families.
  • One Million Steps for OCD Walk: The OCD Walk is an annual grassroots event to raise awareness about OCD and related disorders. It also serves as a fundraiser to support the work of the IOCDF and its local Affiliates.
  • OCD Awareness Week: OCD Awareness Week is an international effort that takes place annually during the second full week of October. The goal of OCD Awareness Week is to raise awareness and understanding about OCD and related disorders, reduce stigma, and advocate for timely access to appropriate and effective treatment.


Resources & Support

  • Resource Directory. The IOCDF maintains a comprehensive and easy-to-use Resource Directory. The RD includes over 1200 treatment providers specializing in OCD and/or related disorders. It also features 400 support groups, 70 intensive treatment and specialist outpatient clinics, and local Affiliates and global partners. Access the Resource Directory.
  • Online Resources. Our websites cover OCD (iocdf.org), OCD in kids (OCDinkids.org), hoarding disorder (helpforhoarding.org), and body dysmorphic disorder (helpforbdd.org). They contain content written by some of the leading OCD mental health professionals in the world.
  • IOCDF Affiliates. IOCDF local Affiliates carry out the mission of the national organization at a community level. We have affiliates in 24 states and territories in the US, and are adding more every year.


Research & Training

  • IOCDF Training Institute. The IOCDF Training Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum to train mental health professionals in effective treatments for OCD. The trainings include information not typically taught during graduate and medical school training.
  • Research Grants. The IOCDF is committed to finding and promoting the most effective treatment methods for OCD and related disorders. Since 1994, the IOCDF has awarded over $3,000,000 in Research Grants for research into the causes of, and new treatment for, OCD and related disorders.
  • Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board (SCB). The IOCDF's SCB is comprised of the foremost clinicians and researchers in the US who treat and research OCD and related disorders.

To learn more about our work, visit iocdf.org/programs.

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