Back-to-school Tips for Youth with OCD

1. Reach out to your teachers in advance if you’re comfortable. The best way to communicate your needs, discuss expectations, and to ease your anxiety ahead of time is to reach out to your teachers in advance. More tips on talking to your teachers about anxiety and OCD. 2. Consider a low-level exposure for back […]

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Back-to-school Tips for Caregivers of Youth with OCD

1. Streamline your daily routines for a successful back-to-school transition. Making sure you are prepared when school starts will allow for an easier transition back to school for your child as well.  Set things up that you and your child may need the night before. Have a talk with your child about the new school […]

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7 fundamentals schools need to know when helping kids with school avoidance and OCD

The post-Covid school returns have brought many more demands on families, students, and school professionals. Families of kids with obsessive compulsive disorder and school avoidance are highly stressed as they try to help get their kids back to school. And we know school personnel must adapt and respond to the many issues facing our kids. […]

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Child with anxiety doing homework

Announcing the Launch of Anxiety in the Classroom

We are pleased to announce the launch of Anxiety in the Classroom, our brand new online resource focusing on anxiety and OCD in the school setting. Whether you work within the school system, have a student in your family, or are a student yourself read more to learn about how this exciting new content can […]

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