Welcome to the Anxiety in the Classroom Training Center! We applaud your commitment to teaching others about anxiety and OCD in the school system, whether you are on faculty, a parent, or a student. We hope you find the below resources useful to you as you prepare your training.

Premade Presentations on Anxiety in the Classroom Topics

Below are links that will open to embedded, premade presentations of the topics covered on the Anxiety in the Classroom site. For presentation purposes, we recommend clicking the “Full Screen” at the bottom of the screen. We also recommend manually advancing slides when ready using the left arrow button on your screen (>) or on your keyboard, and NOT the “Play button (filled in triangle), as the “Play” button will auto-advance the slides instead of allowing you to change them when you’re ready.

Training Evaluation

If possible, we appreciate any feedback you can get about Anxiety in the Classroom. Please feel free to have your attendees take the following evaluation after your training so we can make any necessary improvements to our content: