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Did you know that there are lots of apps out there for mental health, anxiety, and wellness? Keep reading to learn more about these apps and see some examples, selected by One Mind PsyberGuide

How can I use an app to help me manage my anxiety, mood, or overall wellness? 

You probably already use apps a lot throughout the day: to help you get from place to place, to connect and share things with friends, or to set reminders and alarms. You may not know that there are also lots of apps out there that focus on mental health. These apps help you learn new skills and practice techniques which can help support your mental health journey. 

How do I use these apps, and what are the benefits?

You can use apps on their own, as you’re waiting for a therapy appointment, or as an add-on to therapy. There are a lot of great benefits to using mental health apps; they are free or low cost, and they can be used “on the go”, and they offer creative and fun ways to manage mental health (so you might even have some fun when you use them!). Apps are not a replacement for seeing a professional, so you should always reach out to your healthcare provider if you need support.

How do I find the right app? 

One resource that can help you find a mental health app is This is a non-profit organization that reviews apps for mental health and wellness, to help you find one that’s right for you.

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