Tips for Talking to your Teacher(s) about Anxiety/OCD

It can be hard to find the words to talk about your anxiety/OCD. But when you need additional support, the three words “I need help” can be all you need to take the first step!

Tips for students who may not have seen a mental health provider and are looking for support from their school's staff. 

  • Share with a trusted adult at your school and explain what you’ve been feeling.
  • Ask a trusted adult at your school to speak to your parents about seeing a mental health professional outside of school.
  • If you are a student in elementary, middle, or high school, have your parents or guardian talk to your school about ways to receive more support. 
  • Schools have nurses, psychologists, and counselors that you can seek out for help. You can even talk to your favorite teacher.
Our Work Young Person with anxiety jumping over a ball
Our Work Young people with OCD helping each other
Our Work Teacher looking up info on OCD