How can I help my sibling with OCD/anxiety?

Siblings can be powerful allies to those who are struggling with OCD and anxiety. However, there can be challenges, and the biggest one can come from inside.

You might be thinking…….

“I want to help my sibling with OCD/anxiety because I love and care about them. I don’t want them to be upset, sad, scared, or stressed, so I do things for them just to prevent problems.”



“Sometimes, I resent my sibling with OCD/anxiety because they are so demanding of attention. I feel like it is wrong and unfair to me and the rest of the family, and I get mad.”

The answer lies in finding the MIDDLE

It is OK for you to have all those thoughts and feelings. That is normal. But to be able to help your sibling with OCD/anxiety, you just need to find the MIDDLE. The MIDDLE is the halfway point:



I am a kid. It is always important to remember that I am NOT a caregiver.  I am NOT responsible for the job of taking care of my sibling with OCD/anxiety. I can help, but sometimes my caregiver may ask me to back off and that can be a good idea.” Allow your caregivers to lead and you can help as you can.

Our Work Young Person with anxiety jumping over a ball
Our Work Young people with OCD helping each other
Our Work Teacher looking up info on OCD