What to Look for In the Classroom

There are several behaviors that students with anxiety or OCD may exhibit in the classroom. If you are a teacher or school faculty member, it's important to be able to recognize these behaviors and take action.

What behaviors might students with anxiety and/or OCD exhibit in school?


In this video, Denise Egan Stack, LMHC, talks about the different behaviors that students with anxiety and/or OCD can exhibit.


Read below for additional information about anxiety and/or OCD behaviors that school personnel can identify in students.

Common Behaviors of Students with Anxiety and/or OCD

Some of the anxiety and OCD behaviors that teachers and other school faculty should look for in students are listed below. Click the arrow to the right of each behavior to view details and examples.


Students who are experiencing anxiety or OCD may exhibit the following behaviors:

What Should You Do If You Recognize a Student with Anxiety or OCD?

If you notice symptoms of anxiety or OCD in a student, there are steps that you can take to help. For information, resources and tools, to help manage students with anxiety or OCD, visit our Resources for School Personnel.