How to Manage Personal and Professional Anxiety

Sometimes teachers experience their own anxiety when working with a student who is struggling. It these cases, it becomes important that teachers have strategies for coping and self-care.  Below are some tips for where to start.

As an educator, you are most likely curious and value learning about new things.  If you have a student struggling with anxiety or OCD, familiarize yourself with these conditions – what they are, how they manifest, and their impact on functioning – in order to better understand what your student is experiencing and to dispel the idea that they are not real.


Remember to Take Care of Yourself!

Working in the school system can be a difficult and often stressful job.  It is important to remember to take care of ourselves as we continue to take care of our students.

A great, free resource for all school personnel is Headspace - .  Headspace is a mindfulness app that can be helpful to you and your colleagues in your self-care journey, in addition to giving you ideas for helping your students.

A longer list of self-care suggestions, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, can be found by clicking here.