General Resources

Websites and Initiatives

  1. Classroom Well-Being Information and Strategies for Educators (WISE) — Classroom WISE is a free training package that assists K-12 educators and school staff in supporting the mental health of students in the classroom. It includes evidence-based strategies and skills to engage and support students experiencing adversity and distress.
  2. Hopeful Futures Campaign — The Hopeful Futures Campaign assembled a first-ever national report card that scores every state on policies that support school mental health. It includes recommendations for how to improve. The Campaign also provides an action center to empower anyone who cares about children and youth to learn more and drive change in their community.
  3. Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) — AHEAD is an organization that provides information and resources to disability resource professionals, student affairs personnel, ADA coordinators, diversity officers, AT/IT staff, faculty and other instructional personnel, and colleagues who are invested in creating welcoming higher education experiences for disabled individuals.
  4. HBCU Disability Consortium — A project of AHEAD, the HBCU Disability Consortium focuses on low college matriculation, retention, and graduation rates for Black and African-American students with disabilities. It also focuses on the lack of research about this population.  

Brochures For The Classroom & More

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in Kids and Teens brochure



OCD Myths vs. Facts Handout

OCD in Children and Teenagers


Books & Articles From the Experts

Students with OCD: A Handbook for School Personnel, by Dr. Gail Adams

Read more about special topics regarding anxiety and OCD in youth here.

Our Work Young Person with anxiety jumping over a ball
Our Work Young people with OCD helping each other
Our Work Teacher looking up info on OCD